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SheerWeave® interior sun control fabrics provide the perfect balance of light,

comfort and beauty, making them the ideal window covering solution for

residential and commercial spaces alike. A sleek and functional alternative to

ordinary window coverings, SheerWeave effortlessly and elegantly manages

the sun’s harsh heat and blinding glare.


SheerWeave filters and diffuses light while reducing glare and solar heat gain,

conserving energy and helping to create a more comfortable environment.

SheerWeave also helps reduce the fading of interior furnishings and flooring

by protecting these surfaces from the sun’s harmful effects. And unlike many

window treatments, SheerWeave allows excellent outward visibility – even

when blinds are lowered – to maintain optimal views.


From modern, neutral hues to subtly-textured, organic weaves in warm earth

tones, these fabrics are the perfect complement to any interior design

scheme. SheerWeave fabrics are also available in a variety of openness

factors ranging from one to 10 percent and wide widths to cover large

window openings. Simple, clean and classic, SheerWeave can be fabricated

into many different types of window treatments, and the aesthetic quality of

these fabrics allows them to easily pair with other draperies and

window coverings.


Below are a few principles to consider when choosing the optimal fabric for

your next window covering project: SheerWeave fabrics reduce glare by

70%-100% based on colour and openness factor, which are the most

important features to consider for energy savings and light management.


SheerWeave colour options range from creamy White and Bone to darker

Charcoal and Chestnut tones. These colour designations go beyond

aesthetics and colour coordination with interior décor. Lighter colour fabrics

provide optimum heat reduction, reflect light and illuminate the interior.

Darker fabrics provide a view to the outside and reduce glare, making them

ideal for viewing computer and television screens.


The openness of a fabric refers to the weave or mesh structure and

determines the amount of heat and light that enters a room. Generally, a

more open fabric allows more heat and light to penetrate into the room,

while tighter meshes block more heat and light. Additionally, more open

fabrics help maintain better outward visibility. SheerWeave fabrics are

offered in a variety of openness factors to allow optimal light in commercial

buildings or provide more privacy in settings such as healthcare facilities.